"Battle trios" (2018)

  • Research
  • User testing
  • Concept
  • Game design
  • UX design
  • Narrative
  • Graphic design
  • Manufacturing

A fantasy board game where players form a team of 3 characters with unique skills and battle each other.

It was a good training for battle systems design. I managed to create versatile and pretty balanced gameplay with various special effects and statuses, with multiple viable strategies and possiblities for players to turn the tide of battle.

However, keeping track of all tockens and actions in a turn was quite confusing and needed further improvements.

Tokens were made with a lasercutter. Who needs printers when we have lasers? xD

  • Genre: Board game
  • Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Publisher, Office
  • Role(s): Game Designer
  • Team size: solo
  • Project Duration: 3 Weeks