"Violent chariots" (2019)

  • User testing
  • Concept
  • Game design
  • Narrative
  • Graphic design
  • Manufacturing

An action board game insipired by chariot racing from movies Ben-Hur and Asterix at the Olympic Games.

This is one of my smallest projects, but I feel proud of it. I designed this game while lying in bed with insomnia, thinking about on-going 24 hours game jam at school. All rules were formed in my head, then I got up and designed a board, pieces, logo, box, wrote down rules, went to a workshop and manufactured all it right in time for playtests.

Later I refined some mechanics to make it more balanced and designed improved 3d-printed stands for action pieces.

  • Genre: Board game
  • Tools used: Affinity designer, Office, a lasercutter
  • Role(s): Game Designer
  • Team size: solo
  • Project Duration: 9 hours